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Happy New Year! January 2, 2013

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Happy holidaysThe team at Order Matters professional organising service is currently enjoying their annual holiday break.

We look forward to connecting with you when we return on Monday, 14 January 2013.

Wishing you a happy festive season.


Spring time is Organising time October 14, 2012

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What is it about Spring that makes everyone want to declutter and get organised? Not to mention that looming Christmas deadline moving people into action?

Many of us make a mental or written to do list in January and with three quarters of the year gone, it dawns on us that time is running out. The casual “I’ll get to that” is replaced by “I need help” or “I’ll never get this done”.

The warm Spring weather also helps us get motivated. How many of us have bribed friends or family to clear out the garage or junk room one sunny weekend or participated in a Friday afternoon office clean out this time of year?

If you feel this article was written for you, where to from here? Regular readers will be familiar with the AAPO Five Step Organising Challenge, so read my previous articles if you want more detail on each step or on a particular organising task. Here’s a reminder:

  1. Have a vision
  2. Clear and clean
  3. Sort and purge
  4. Assign, store and label
  5. Celebrate your success!

By following these simple steps your home or office can become a beautifully organised space, making the environment more pleasant, efficient and less stressed.

It’s no surprise this is traditionally the busiest time of the year for Professional Organisers and we love to help you get organised.

5 Steps, 5 Challenges, 5 Days August 28, 2012

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National Organising WeekWhat room or task, if organised, would change your life? Each weekday of National Organising Week, 3-9 September 2012, AAPO will highlight a common organising challenge in five areas of the home and show how it can be overcome using the Five Step Organising Challenge. To transform your home into a functional, organised space during NOW, start by ‘liking’ the AAPO Facebook page. (more…)

Award Winning Organiser August 5, 2012

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AAPO President's Award 2012

AAPO President’s Award 2012

Last month I was honoured to be presented with two industry awards at the Australasian Association of Professional Organiser’s (AAPO) annual conference. The President’s Award 2012 and the Events Portfolio Award 2012. (more…)

New Year New Pantry January 5, 2012

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Happy New Year! Are you excited about the year ahead or wish to wind back the clock to finish last years ‘to do’ list? The start of a new year can bring mixed emotions and levels of motivation, but there’s no use dwelling on the past. You may still be in holiday mode, but what better gift than a clean slate for 2012. (more…)

Take the Five Step Organising Challenge August 16, 2011

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The 5th annual DYMO National Organising Week takes place from 5-11 September 2011 across Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate, the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) has created a Five Step Organising Challenge to inspire your own organising project. To participate in the challenge ‘like’ AAPO on Facebook, RSVP to the event, follow the five steps below and support your fellow participants online. (more…)

Make Tax Time Less Taxing June 17, 2011

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For many of us, thinking about preparing our tax return is enough to break into a cold sweat. However, getting your paperwork organised can avoid a big headache and even save you money. (more…)

Organising for Seniors May 10, 2011

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Of the many people I know who have reached “senior” status, there’s not much senior about them. Sixty is definitely the new Fifty with many as active as ever with travelling, new businesses, new projects, volunteering and even continuing to work by choice.

Whatever the circumstances, this stage of life is a time of transition and change. Being organised in your senior years is vital to our well being and when you finally leave this earth, you’ll have made important decisions without leaving loose ends for loved ones to deal with. (more…)

Downsize your Book, CD and DVD collections and Stop the Creeping Clutter February 24, 2011

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If your book shelves, cd and dvd towers are bursting at the seams, it’s time to downsize your collections and donate them to Lifeline’s Harbour to Hawkesbury branch. Based in Gordon on Sydney’s north shore, Lifeline H2H provides community services for the entire region including 24 hour telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling, suicide prevention programs, emergency relief, community aid and a support line. (more…)

Thank You for your Donations January 17, 2011

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Happy New Year! It’s lovely to know that people aren’t totally jaded by another request for support at Christmas. After our appeal in early December, Order Matters was able to donate three boxes of toiletries to The Wayside Chapel. Here’s the final tally: (more…)